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Allstar 109775 MVP Safe Finish Safety Beam
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Allstar 109775 MVP Safe Finish Safety Beam
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The Allstar 109775 is the garage door opener safety beam photo eye sensor kit original part number P1552 is now made by Linear Corporation part number 190-109775 and is also known as the Safe Finish. These are the replacement safety sensor beams that only come as a full kit with the mounting brackets included. These safety beams are a two-wire connection infrared type that includes the beam sender unit and a photo eye receiver unit. The Allstar 109775 Safe Finish sensor beams work with the Allstar, Allister and Challenger garage door openers that originally came with safety beams and it cannot be added to garage door openers that did not originally come with safety beams. Works with two-wire system only. Since this is a replacement set, the connecting wire is NOT included. Kit includes one sender unit, one receiver unit, two L brackets, two U brackets, mounting screws and instructions.

The Allstar 109775 works with the following garage door opener models:
Allstar, Allister, Challenger: 1000, 1500, 9100, 9300, 9500 GLE, SE, MVP

Product Features:
Mounting brackets included
Both Transmitter and Receiver included
Two wire system
Mounting screws supplied
One-Year manufacturers warranty

If you are not positive that this is the correct item for you, please email us. We are more that happy to assist you in determining the correct item for your application. If you need to contact us for assistance please include the Make and Model number of the garage door opener, radio receiver or transmitter. The more information you include for us, the easier it is for us to assist you in determining the correct item. We would rather have you contact us than end up with the wrong item and have to return it.