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Product ID 112404
Price: US$51.59
Allstar 112404 MVP 24V 3-Tab Receiver & 2 Remotes Set 318MHz
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Allstar 112404 MVP 24V 3-Tab Receiver & 2 Remotes Set 318MHz
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This Allstar 112404 radio receiver with two remotes set has one Allstar 110548 MVP Quik-Code standard 1-channel, 3-tab, 24-volt radio receiver and two Allstar 110925 MVP Quik-Code three-button remote controls. The Allstar 110548 Quik-Code radio receiver can learn the code from up to 8 different MVP remote controls that are using different codes and is programmed by using the side mounted learn push button. The Allstar 110548 receiver operates on 24-volt AC or DC for the power and the maintained with remote signal contact closure can be set to a pulsed output via an internal jumper connector. Not recommend for gate openers that have a metal cover unless the receiver's antenna can be located outside the metal enclosure. The Allstar 110925 MVP Quik-Code is a three-button compact visor or large key chain style remote control that can control up to three individual MVP compatible garage doors or radio receivers. There are no internal code switches to set with this remote as it is programmed using the three push buttons on the remote itself. Each button of the Allstar 110925 MVP Quik-Code remote control can be programmed individually to its own unique code setting. One unique feature of the Allstar 110925 remote is the built in 10 second time out function that stops sending the signal in the event the button was accidentally held down. This feature can help prevent a device such as a gate opener from being held open in the event the remote accidentally had the button held down. The Allstar 112404 set includes one 110548 radio receiver, two Allstar 110925 remotes with visor clips and battery (installed) and instructions. These are now manufactured by Linear Corp. part number 190-110548 for the receiver and 190-110925 for the remotes.

Product Features:
Receiver controls one garage door or gate opener
Standard 3-tab connector for receiver
Receiver accepts up to 8 different remote code settings or unlimited number of remotes with the same code settings
Momentary or maintained output
8-inch wire lead antenna
Easy to program receiver using the side mounted learn push button
Each remote button is independently programmable
Remote has operate/programming LED
Visor mounting clip for remotes supplied
Remote has auto shut off after 10 seconds if button is held down
Remote is easy to program using the three push buttons
One-Year manufacturers warranty

Receiver Specifications:
Power: 24V AC/DC
Frequency: 318MHz
Output: Voltage output maintained or momentary via internal jumper
Codes: Programmed from remote using learn button
Dimensions: 7.125 x 3.375 x 1.375 inches (includes tabs)

Remote Specifications:
Power: Two 3V lithium CR2032 batteries (included)
Frequency: 318MHz
Codes: 19,638 (programmable using external push buttons)
Dimensions: 3.15 x 1.65 x 0.6 inches

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