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Product ID 365LM-2T
Price: US$62.72
LiftMaster 365LM-2T 365LM Security+ 315MHz Receiver & 2 371LM Remotes
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LiftMaster 365LM-2T 365LM Security+ 315MHz Receiver & 2 371LM Remotes
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The LiftMaster 365LM-2T is our part number for the two remotes and plug-in style receiver set that includes one LiftMaster 365LM radio receiver and two LiftMaster 371LM one button visor remote control transmitters. The LiftMaster model 365LM is a plug-in style single channel radio receiver that plugs directly into a AC power outlet and has 2 wires (included) that are used to connect to the garage door openers wall button connection, and the LiftMaster 371LM is a standard one button visor style remote control. Both of these item use the security+ rolling code type technology operating on the 315MHz frequency for added security. Ideal for use as a new or replacement radio receiver set. This LiftMaster 365LM single channel radio receiver can have up to 8 security+ remote controls and one keypad programmed into its memory at any time. If a remote is lost or stolen, the receiver can have its memory cleared to prevent the lost or stolen remote activating it and then the remaining remotes can be reprogrammed back into its memory. The receiver will accept any of the newer security+ remotes by LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman or other private labeled security+ remotes manufactured by Chamberlain on the 315MHz frequency. The LiftMaster 365LM plug-in radio receiver is easy to install as either an upgrade or add-on radio receiver making it ideal to use as a replacement or to upgrade older garage door opener radio controls. It simply plugs into a standard ac power outlet and connects either to the garage door openers wall mounted push button or directly to the garage door openers push button connection terminals. This item is new in box and includes one LiftMaster 365LM receiver, approximately 20 feet of wire, wire staples, two LiftMaster 371LM remotes with visor clip and battery installed and installation/programming instructions.

Note: Will not work with remotes that operate on 390MHz. Use the LiftMaster 635LM-2T set that operates on 390MHz frequency.

The LiftMaster 365LM receiver is directly compatible with the following remotes to control one garage door opener:
LiftMaster: 370LM, 371LM, 372LM, 373LM, 373W, 373P, 374LM.
Chamberlain: 950D, 956D, 963D.
Sears Craftsman: 139.53752, 139.53753 new part numbers 00953752000, 00953753000.

Product Features:
Activates one garage door opener
Accepts up to 8 Security+ remote controls or digital code switch setting on 315MHz
Front indicator light shows power on and flashes off when activated by remote
Built in large front push button to activate door opener
Plugs directly into a standard 120 volt ac power outlet
Simple two wire connection from receiver to garage door opener
Accepts signal from wireless keypad model 376LM now replaced by 377LM (sold separately)
Remote includes visor clip
One-Year manufacturers warranty

Receiver Specifications:
Power: 120 volt ac with polarized connection
Frequency: FCC certified 315MHz
Codes: Security+ rolling code or code switch code
Output: Momentary 0.5 sec contact closure rated at 5 Amps
Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.75 x 1.25 inches

Remote Specifications:
Power: 3 volt lithium battery CR2032 included
Frequency: 315MHz
Codes: Features rolling code technology
Dimensions: 3.0 x 1.5 x 0.6 inches

If you are not positive that this is the correct item for you, please email us. We are more that happy to assist you in determining the correct item for you. If you need to contact us for assistance please have the Make and Model number of the garage door opener, radio receiver or transmitter. We would rather have you contact us than end up with the wrong item and have to return it.