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Product ID 41A3504
Price: US$23.94
41A3504 LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Extra Range Remote Antenna Kit
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41A3504 LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Extra Range Remote Antenna Kit
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The LiftMaster 41A3504 remote antenna mounting kit is ideal for use with garage door openers to improve the range of the remote controls. Typically the higher that the antenna is located and the closer it is to where the remotes will be used from, the better the range will be up to a certain point. This will not necessarily resolve all range problems, as sometimes it can be strong radio interference that cannot be blocked from the receiver. This antenna kit can be used on all brands of garage door opener to improve the remotes range. Included in this kit are the mounting bracket, 15� coaxial antenna wire, Antenna and instructions. Note that the antenna cable has F-connectors on both ends and one end will need to be cut off to attach to the openers wire antenna following the instructions.

Product Features:
15 feet commercial grade coaxial cable
F-connector and rubber boot on each end
5 inch long L bracket with 2 mounting holes
F-connector barrel connector is isolated from bracket and eliminates grounding problems
F-connector type antenna
One-Year manufacturers warranty

If you are not positive that this is the correct item for you, please email us. We are more that happy to assist you in determining the correct item for your application. If you need to contact us for assistance please include the Make and Model number of the garage door opener, radio receiver or transmitter. The more information you include for us, the easier it is for us to assist you in determining the correct item. We would rather have you contact us than end up with the wrong item and have to return it.