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Product ID 89LM
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89LM LiftMaster Garage Door Rubber Noise And Vibration Isolator 41A2363
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89LM LiftMaster Garage Door Rubber Noise And Vibration Isolator 41A2363
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LiftMaster model 89LM rubber noise and vibration isolator mounting kit part number 41A3263. Works with all overhead types of garage door opener that are bolted to support brackets. Mounts between the garage door openers motor head mechanism and the support brackets. Since this item has two independent isolated bolts molded to the rubber, it provides for maximum isolation of noise and vibration created by the garage door opener motor head. The LiftMaster 89LM vibration isolator kit includes two rubber isolators with lock washers and nuts. This item is new in box and includes two rubber isolators, two 5/16" nuts, two 5/16" lock washers and mounting instructions.
Note: you will need to use the nuts and lock washers from the existing bolts that are being replace and it must be 5/16" as this kit only comes with two of each.

Product Features:
Two independent bolts molded to rubber for maximum noise reduction
Standard 5/16 thread on bolt stud extending 1/2"
Rubber isolator is 3/4" thick and 1" dia.
One-Year manufactures warranty

If you are not positive that this is the correct item for you, please email us. We are more that happy to assist you in determining the correct item for your application. If you need to contact us for assistance please include the Make and Model number of the garage door opener, radio receiver or transmitter. The more information you include for us, the easier it is for us to assist you in determining the correct item. We would rather have you contact us than end up with the wrong item and have to return it.