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Domino GD-1 Wired Garage Door Keypad
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Domino GD-1 Wired Garage Door Keypad
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The Domino Engineering GD-1 wired outdoor keyless entry code keypad works with all garage door openers. Being battery operated the Domino GD-1 hard wired keypad is not dependent on the power available form the garage door opener that sometimes can cause incompatibility when powering other types of wired keypads. Simple to install as the keypad head that mounts on the outside has a 15” long wire that plugs into the electronics control unit that is located inside the garage and then only requires two wires (sold separately) to connect to the garage door openers push button connection. This Domino Engineering GD-1 wired keypad is compact and weather proof as well as being extremely secure and tamper proof because the main electronics are located inside the garage. Attempting to short out wires on the keypad head itself will not open the garage door. The keypad head features a flip up cover and the keys are back lighted to help make the keypad easy to use even in the dark. Simple to program you own 1 to 6-digit code providing for over 1,000,00 combination possibilities in done in three easy steps and reprogramming to a new code is also just as simple. After entering a correct code and activating the garage door, pressing the enter key within 20 seconds will send a new signal to stop or re-activate the garage door without having to enter all of your personal code again. This is ideal if the garage door is closing and needs to be stopped quickly. Another security feature is that the keypad will shut off for one minute if five incorrect entries are entered. Box includes keypad, control box, mounting screws, 3 AA batteries and installation/programming instructions.

NOTE: This unit will require a two-conductor bell type wire to connect from the electronics control box to the garage door opener or the garage door opener's wall mounted push button. Connection wire is NOT included but is sold separately and available in different lengths.

Product Features:
Compatible with all garage door openers
Battery operated eliminates incompatibility with garage door openers
Easy to program in three simple steps
Hinged lift up cover protects keypad when not in use
Low battery warning indicator when lights dim
Additional garage door activate button on control box
Uses a 1 to 6 digit PIN number providing over 1,000,000 code combination's
Tamper lock out after five incorrect entries
Mounting screws supplied
One-Year manufacturers warranty

Power: 3 AA alkaline batteries (included)
Output: 1 amp dry contact relay closure
Codes: 1 to 6 digit PIN user programmable
Dimensions: Keypad 5 x 2 x 0.6 inches, Control box 3 x 4.5 x 1.4 inches

If you are not positive that this is the correct item for you, please email us. We are more that happy to assist you in determining the correct item for you. If you need to contact us for assistance please have the Make and Model number of the garage door opener, radio receiver or transmitter. We would rather have you contact us than end up with the wrong item and have to return it.